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Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 37* Punxsutawney Phil says 3 more months of football


Shoulders is back this week with your good friend Jimbo to talk about that awesome super bowl last weekend. What do you say? There’s more football with the new Alliance of American Football starting this weekend. Tune and see what shoulders and jimbo are excited and worried about with the new league.

Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 28* O noooo no king again


O no!!!!! No King this week. Well your good friend Jimbo DOES talk a little bit about one king. That’s Connor McGregor. Is he done with fighting? Is his coach done with him? Also Jimbo dives into the rumor floating around about college football expanding, and is Jimbo turning on his eagle fan base? Find out in this weeks episode.

Stay Tuned Sports* Episode 24* Now that we are all caught up.


This week your good friend Jimbo is back after a small hiatus. He catches you all up on the past two weeks sports news involving the nfl trade deadline moves, as well as the feel good story of New Jersey Devils player Brian Boyle. Also how is Jimbo feeling about this weekends Notre dame game? This and more, so sit back… relax… and enjoy.