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Full moon for the NFL and NFL players


Your good friend Jimbo is back and is wondering, were the NFL players and NFL howling at the moon this past week? definitely seems like it was a full moon. Is Jimbo tuning in for Tyson/Holyfield 3? One MLB player gives his plan for a MLB season. What is it and will it work? So after listening to the rest…. listen to the best!!!!!!!


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Stay Tuned Sports • Episode 11 • Urban Meyer, Ohio State, and Domestic Violence


This week, Jimbo and King stop talking about moonshine for a little bit, and discuss:

• Who’s a better mascot, Swoop or NJ Devil?
• Urban Meyer: Did he know about his assistant’s domestic violence incident in 2015?
• Did Meyer lie about it?
• Where does Urban Meyer and Ohio State go from here?
• How does this impact the Buckeyes’ season?
• Running down the NFL Hall of Famers being enshrined this weekend